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Hamilton ECC Renovations

With the Phase I projects having been completed at Hamilton Elementary School last summer, the Kingscott team has since shifted focus to the next phase of the project which is aimed to bring a new identity and new life to the building that will be visible to all right from Breton.

Once a clear directive was decided upon by the Kentwood Administration, the Kingscott team took a deeper dive into looking at what the 1950’s-60’s school building design features were and how they reflect today’s goals in education. It is often found that the focal features of older buildings are covered up or “modernized” with the evolving of the generations.

One thing that the team was able to achieve in this design is bringing back all of the natural light in the classrooms and throughout the building that was included in the original design, with energy efficient glazing systems. Many recent studies show the tremendous benefits that natural light gives to those who spend their days in learning environments, especially the students, who are continuously growing and maturing.

A complete rebranding of the current building will include:

  • Relocation of the Main Entrance and Administrative Office area with a secure vestibule visible from the road

  • A new Collaboration Space to take over the existing administrative offices

  • New Cafeteria and Full-Service Kitchen with easy access to the protected playgrounds

  • Newly designed Playgrounds and a low maintenance Courtyard that provides opportunities for all students

  • Renovation of the existing gymnasium to showcase the natural light coming through the clearstory windows

  • New ceilings, finishes, LED lighting, and technology throughout the building with visually appealing colors for fun and brightened creative learning spaces


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