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EKFC - Phase II - 2023

With the bulk of this project being completed in August 2022 as part of Phase I, Phase II was able to be completed in the summer of 2023. Phase II consisted of some finishing touches to the work done in Phase I, cosmetic renovations of the hallways and classrooms on the main level, new carpet, fresh paint and new classroom furniture.


Sitting outside of the East Kentwood Falcon Stadium is a new 3,800 SF athletic storage building. Construction began in the spring of 2022 and was completed in the spring of 2023. With 2 garage doors that give easy access from the stadium this storage building assists all the athletic teams that use Falcon Stadium for their athletic events by providing extra space to house their equipment.


Construction and Renovations at Brookwood Elementary had been ongoing since 2019. In 2021 the first dirt was moved to expand the school's footprint with a new 7,300 sq ft gym addition and a 500 sq ft kitchen addition. The gym opened in October of 2022 completing the final phase of renovations. * A brand new Gym was added along with new bathrooms and 4 meeting rooms/offices. The playground also received a new layout and new equipment. * The existing gym was renovated into a cafeteria and a 500 sq ft kitchen was added to make Brookwood a full food service provider.

EKFC - PHASE I - 2022

The East Kentwood Freshman Campus - Phase I project was completed in August 2022. * 2 New staircases were put in for easier access to the second level. With that, fire rated door ways had to be created on the second floor. *The second level of the school was renovated to include new carpet, fresh paint, and new classroom furniture. *Phase I of this project also included a new Security Office in the main hallway and new furniture in the commons areas.


The baseball and softball fields at the East Kentwood High School received a facelift to their press boxes. The work included: New Windows Fresh Paint New Countertops Spring 2023 - New batting cages will be installed to service both programs


Sitework was completed at Hamilton Elementary to address an issue of run off washing out the hill butting up to the neighboring property owned by River Valley Management. The project consisted of reworking the existing storm sewer system with new piping, structures and outlets. It also included reshaping the profile of the hill to catch the runoff and direct the water to the storm sewer as well as adding a retaining wall at the base of the hill.

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